What is eFiction

eFiction is CMS for self-hosted fanfiction archives. It was originally PHP-Nuke module, but then separate CMS was created. Now this CMS is abandoned (or put for adoption) and with PHP changes and our focus on e107 CMS this is the only way how to save it for us.

There is the new eFiction version 5 built on some PHP framework, but it is not easy to understand without knowledge about this framework. Older eFiction version 3 was marked as legacy and only fixed during last years.

We decided to use the latest version 3 as the base for e107 integration. The main goal is to save all functionality, all tables, everything, but rewrite it with e107 modern way. It means fully replace eFiction template system, shortcodes, and database queries.

It is hard and long-term work and this is the way how to mark our steps and progress.