e107 Landing Zero 2 Theme
Landing Zero 2 is based on Landing Zero Free HTML template by BoostrapZero A FREE LANDING PAGE THEME WITH VIDEO BACKGROUND created by BootstrapZero.


Landing Zero version 2.x - is stripped version that uses only core functionality. You can find it here:
GitHub - e107inc/landingzero: Landing Zero Theme for e107 v2.x
Landing Zero 2 version 1.x is free theme by Jimako. Any references LZ, LZ2 in this docs are referring about this version, not the core one.
Version 1.4.x is for core version 2.3.0 and PHP 7.2 (tested with 7.4)
Version 1.5.x is for core version 2.3.1 (not released yet) and tested for PHP 7.4. - PHP 8.

The Theme Description

The multipage theme in 3 different colors
  • responsive design
  • full-width page
  • 3 columns layout (2 versions)
  • 2 columns layout (left sidebar)
  • full page layout
  • 3 different versions (violet, green, and orange)
  • support available
Support for:
  • forum plugin
  • calendar plugin
  • clanwars plugin
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