efiction CMS 3.5.5
This is a copy of the Docs files, Admin Manual from the admin area (you can access after installation), or other sources in purpose to understand how the efiction script works.


eFiction is CMS for self-hosted fanfiction archives. It was originally a PHP-Nuke module, but then separate CMS was created.

eFiction 5

Copyright (c) 2015-2021 Rainer Volkrodt [email protected]
For over one decade, you shaped the way fanfiction sites were run. Humbly trying to pick up from where you left - because nobody else did.

eFiction 3

Copyright (c) 2007 by Tammy Keefer,
Released under the GPL.

eFiction 1.1

Copyright (C) 2003 by Rebecca Smallwood.
Original Developer: Rebecca Smallwood (Rivka) http://orodruin.sourceforge.net

Other credits:

Fanfiction Script: Rebecca Smallwood (Rivka) TemplatePower Templating System: R.P.J. Velzeboer, http://templatepower.codocad.com/ (Note: not available anymore)
A Big Thank You to my original Beta-testers: Theresa Sanchez, Khuffie, Mona Carol-Kaufman, Michele Bumbarger, Stephanie Smith, eFanfiction, Amy Cheng, arakune, Peganino, Ceit, brihana25, Annabelle Crane
Big thanks also to the 2.0 beta-testers: babaca, Jayelle, Carrie, Nicole, eyedam, Dreamhowler, Roberto-san, Calic0cat, West4me, emmekappa, Osfer, Sarit, Silvermoon, Carissa, Jan_AQ, Lazuli
Also thanks for our 3.0 Beta testers who were too many to name.
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